Benefits and necessity of having, using and understanding Analytics on your Business Website

Analytics is a free web analytics service tool that helps to track and report your website statistics. It is also an excellent solution for your website’s marketing analytics and measurements. There may still be some businesses that are not using Analytics, but if you exist out there then the best advice you can take is to start using this tool right away. It will help you to understand your website better, optimize it better, understand your visitors better and convert more of them into paying customers. Analytics information is one of your most effective tools.

Importance of analytics

Help to Track your Website Traffic information

This program allows you to track an astounding array of information about your business website traffic. The ability to track visitor numbers by the hour or daily is a critical part of determining where you are getting the most return for your marketing efforts.

Analytics goes far beyond simply counting the number of your website visitors. It can give you pretty much all the information about where (location) your website traffic is coming from. Imagine you have a small business that services a few towns and, like any smart business owner, you’ve got your small business website online to attract and communicate with your potential and current customers. Using the Analytics program you can easily see where visitors are coming from. If you notice that you are getting a volume amount of traffic from an area you don’t typically do business in, it might make you look at expanding your services to that area and increase your sales.

Analytics can be used to Target Long-tail Keywords

Analytics can also be used to detect long-tail keywords that are bringing visitors to your website which you didn’t know were there to be had. With analytics, you can view keywords on individual pages in order of popularity. If visitors are visiting a low-quality page through a particular keyword then it will give you the opportunity to change that page to be more appealing to visitors and compel them to do more. For example, if lots of visitors are landing on a general information page through a particular long-tail keywords and you want them to buy your product, or register so you have their contact details, all you need to do is to add links to that general information page that will take the visitor to the product page or registration page. This will help to show them your site has more than just information.

Help to determine your Website Bounce Rate

Bounce Rate together with the time Spent on Page, indicates whether visitors find what they are searching for on your website. It is referred to as the percentage of visitors who checked no further than your website landing page through which they arrived. So if you have 500 visitors per day and your bounce rate is 60% then you are only capturing 200 of those visitors. Many businesses like to know what a realistic bounce rate is. However, it varies greatly both by niche and by the keywords used to drive traffic to a site. Using general keywords will always result in a higher bounce rate than targeted 3-4 word keywords. Because of this, it is difficult to generalize but as a rough guide you should aim for no more than 50% to 60%.

How to Use Analytics

Analytics can be complicated, however, the more you learn about Analytics, and understand it, the more valuable it will become. Analytics Marketing Strategy can help you better understand how to use Analytics.  Find your niche in the list below, click on it and you will be taken to a niche specific training.  When done, just close the niche’s window and you will be taken back to this page.


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